Aug 9, 2013



I had every intention of ... blogging, reading a book, exercising, slowing down, learning to meditate, choosing my battles, letting go, art journaling, becoming famous, writing a book, taking a class, changing, growing, nagging less, understanding more, listening to more music, traveling, eating healthier, drinking more water, saving money, judging less, loving more...Intention.

Some things are easier imagined than done.
Late at night, when the noise in my brain is finally quieting down, my body relaxes and I think "Tomorrow I'll ..." (pick one of the above)
Maybe "tomorrow" is the problem.  There really is only "today".

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  1. That should be our mantra, today not tomorrow! More and more that reality is being brought home to me. My children growing, moving away from home, getting married and having little ones of their own. Where did tomorrow go? I may be seeing you all sooner than I thought. I have proposed the idea that I come and care for mom in her home. Your friendship and love will be a major factor in maintaining my sanity. Love you.